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Quality, affordable, in-person Reiki hands-on healing trainings & shares in West Orange NJ.
Take the next step in your healing journey!

Summer Discount through the end of August: Individual/Mini-Group Reiki I or Reiki II Trainings for $200! 
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Experience Reiki Events

Summer 2024

West Orange, NJ Reiki Center


Email to schedule a Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III Practitioner, or a small-group Reiki Master Training. 

Reiki I and II Trainings (for 1-4 students) include approximately 2.5 hours training. See what is covered and included here. Sign up for 2 people to train together, and get at $20 discount for each. 

Reiki III Practitioner trainings are 45-60 minutes long and include the attunement, discussion, symbols, and certificate. More info is here. Contact Sea to schedule a training.

Reiki Master Training (for 4-9 students) includes two 6-7 hour days of training, the RM attunement, full RM manual from the ICRT, and certificate. Sea schedules these powerful trainings when 4+ students have signed up for the waiting list. More info is here. Reiki Master Training Refreshers are available for a fraction of the regular fee for those who want to retake the training with Sea.

No experience needed for Reiki I. All other Shares and Trainings require prior, in-person attunement and training. 



32 Valley Way 

West Orange, NJ 07052

Tel: 973 327-3108 (Please leave a message; due to overwhelming spam, I now have to screen calls. I apologize for the inconvenience.)

Meetup Site (for Shares):

Facebook page (for updates & class photos, etc.):

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