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Quality, affordable, in-person Reiki hands-on healing classes, individual trainings, & shares in West Orange NJ.
Take the next step in your healing journey!

Now offering Reiki I "individual" trainings (for 1-3 students), by appointment.

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Summer - Autumn 2023

West Orange, NJ Reiki Center

August 13  6:30-8pm   Reiki Practice & Share

August 27  1-6pm   Reiki I Group Class

September 10  6:30-8pm   Reiki Practice & Share

October 1 1-6pm  Reiki II Group Class

October 22  6:30-8pm   Reiki Practice & Share

October 29  1-6pm   Reiki I Group Class

November 12  1-6pm   Reiki I Group Class

November 19  6:30-8pm   Reiki Practice & Share

December 3 1-6pm  Reiki II Group Class


                                 Register using the Online Store.

Stay tuned for Winter 2024 group class & share dates!

Ready for Reiki Master Training? Contact Sea.

Reiki I and II Group Classes  are 5 - 5.5 hours long, and include the Reiki attunement, handouts, and certificate for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9 students. Reiki Master Training requires two 6-7 hour days of training and includes the Reiki attunement, full RM manual from the ICRT, and certificate.

"Individual" Trainings (for 1-3 students) are by appointment. "Individual" trainings include approximately 2.5 hours training, and cover the same material as the group classes, in a streamlined fashion. Sign up for 2 people to take an "individual" training, and get at $20 discount for each. Reiki III Practitioner trainings are 45-60 minutes long and include the attunement, discussion, symbols, and certificate. Contact Sea for to schedule an "individual" training.

Spaces limited. Advanced registration required. No experience needed for Reiki I. Other events require prior, in-person attunement and training. 

Register using the Online Store.



32 Valley Way 

West Orange, NJ 07052

Tel: 973 327-3108 (Please leave a message; due to overwhelming spam, I now have to screen calls. My apologies.)

Meetup Site (for Shares):

Facebook page (for updates & class photos, etc.):

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