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Quality, affordable, in-person Reiki hands-on healing classes, individual trainings, & shares in West Orange NJ.
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Winter - Spring 2022

West Orange, NJ Reiki Center


Reiki group classes (limited to 6 students). Group Reiki I and II classes are 5 - 5.5 hours long, and include the Reiki attunement, handouts, and certificate. Reiki Master Training requires two 6-7 hour days of training and includes the Reiki attunement, full RM manual from the ICRT, and certificate.

Small trainings (for 1-2 students) continue by appointment. Reiki I and Reiki II small trainings include 2.5-3 hours training, and cover the same material as the group class, in a streamlined fashion. Reiki III Practitioner trainings are approx. 1 hour with attunement, discussion, symbols, and certificate.


Face coverings required for all when in proximity (e.g. for attunements and hands-on practice) and when indoors. Parts of classes & trainings may be held outdoors, when appropriate.


     Jan 23         1-6pm        Reiki II Group Class

     Feb 6           1-6pm        Reiki I Group Class

     Feb 19-20 10am-5pm  Reiki Master Teacher Group Training


     Mar 20        1-6pm        Reiki I Group Class

     Apr 10         1-6pm        Reiki II Group Class

Stay tuned for Summer 2022 Group Class Dates.

Spaces limited. Advanced registration required. No experience needed for Reiki I. Other events require prior, in-person attunement and training. 

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32 Valley Way 

West Orange, NJ 07052

Tel: 973 327-3108

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