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Experience Reiki Policies: Registration & Refunds

Experience Reiki Policies: Registration & Refunds


General Policies

● Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Group class sizes have been temporarily reduced to 6 students.
● Timing for Registrations and Registration Confirmations: Sea generally sends registration confirmations quickly after receiving registrations, but registrations may take up to 3 days to process. Because of this registrants are asked to register at least 3 days in advance. Late registration may be possible but there are no guarantees. In the case a late registration is not processed in advance of the class, the registrant will be offered the option to transfer to another class or to receive a refund.
● Phone Numbers & Adding to Email Address Books: Class registrants are responsible for providing phone numbers and adding to their email address books to ensure they receive correspondence regarding the course. Registration confirmations are sent via email. Phone communication is used as a backup only.

● Refunds & Class Transfers: Class registration fees are fully refundable until 2 weeks before a class. In some situations for late class cancellations, class fees may be transferred to a class registration on another date. (This will depend on class size and if the cancellation is received in advance.)
If you are given the option to transfer a class fee due to your cancellation or Experience Reiki's, the transfer must be resolved within 8 months, or the fee may be forfeited.
● If you register for a full class, you will be contacted by email and given the option for a full refund or transfer to another class.
● In the unlikely event that fewer than the minimum students register, Experience Reiki may cancel a class. Class minimums are 4 students for Reiki I and II group classes, and 3 students for Reiki Master training. Experience Reiki may schedule two students for the same time for individual and "small" trainings. If Experience Reiki must cancel a class, your class fee will be refunded unless you agree to transfer your registration to another class.
● When you register for a Reiki Refresher you are registered on a “standby” basis. Please see special Reiki Refresher policies below.
● There is a $10 fee for replacement certificates or to otherwise have certificates or continuing education transcripts mailed.
● Privacy Statement: When you register for a class or subscribe to the email list, we will not sell, share, or rent personal information to others. Photos are taken in class only with participants' permission. Photos may be shared on Facebook and/or used for promotional purposes.

What Happens After Registration?

● Experience Reiki will confirm your registration via email along with information: where to go, what to bring, and how to prepare. Experience Reiki​ generally only sends one email confirmation, even if you register well in advance of the class. Experience Reiki​ will usually send email confirmation within three days, but occasionally it will take longer.
●Make sure you've added to your email address book, to ensure your emailer accepts your registration information and any additional communication from Experience Reiki​.
●Credit card charges may show up on your credit card statement as "experienceR." If you initiate a credit card chargeback in error or instead of asking Experience Reiki to cancel your registration, WePay or Visa may charge Experience Reiki a chargeback fee. You will be responsible for this fee.
● If you have not received email confirmation of your registration within three days, please check your "bulk mail" or "spam mail" folders before you contact Experience Reiki​. 

Refresher Reasons & Rules

Refreshers are

  • Available only to students who are re-taking a class of Sea's. (If you have taken the class before with another instructor, please sign up for the class like a regular student.)

  • Allow you to retake a Reiki class with a substantial discount - 50% for Reiki I or Reiki II, and about 30% for Reiki Master.

  • Allow you to register for a Reiki class on “standby” status. (This means that full-paying students receive preference in registration until Friday noon before a Sunday class for Reiki I and Reiki II group classes. Reiki I and II refresher students are notified on Friday if the class is filled with regular paying students. For Reiki Master Refreshers, students will be notified a week in advance of the class if the class fills with full-paying students. Refresher students who want to be sure to take the class regardless of price should register at the full price and email that they wish to receive a partial refund if the class doesn't fill with full-paying students.)

Why Refresh?

Although once you are attuned to Reiki, you are attuned for life, some Reiki practitioners like to re-take Reiki I, II, or III courses:


  • because they have not used the Reiki for a long time 

  • because they feel the energy channels in their body and spirit have become overrun with negative or toxic energies 

  • to refresh their training

  • to inspire and strengthen personal Reiki practice

  • to help learn about materials to cover in teaching Reiki classes, and 

  • to gain additional wisdom or skills  missed the first time around.

People take Reiki Refresher courses to benefit from the healing and cleansing process that the attunement provides, or to increase their knowledge and skills in Reiki. 



What is Reiki? 

And other great questions

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a system of natural, hands-on healing that positively affects the whole person by use of universal life energy. Reiki is a simple, safe, and effective means of stress reduction, pain management, and deep relaxation. Many experience profound emotional, spiritual, and physical healing from this holistic technique. 

"Reiki" comes from the Japanese ideograms "Rei" (spiritual wisdom) and "Ki" (life force). This is the very same energy referred to as "prana," "white light," "Christ-light," "the Force," or "chi."


What are the benefits of Reiki?
Although Reiki is not a substitute for traditional medical practice, Reiki works well with and can enhance many other healing modalities.


Reiki provides healing comfort at the interconnected levels of mind, body, and spirit. 
Reiki is a powerful means for: 

  • supporting the body's natural ability to heal itself; 

  • changing unwanted habits;

  • re-balancing the energy centers in the body and spirit; 

  • overcoming mental and emotional obstacles;

  • stress reduction;

  • bringing the body into harmony by releasing physical and emotional blockages; and 

  • promoting a state of total relaxation. 


What should I expect from a Reiki Treatment?
Receiving a Reiki treatment is like getting an "energy massage." It is generally done fully-clothed on a massage table, and experienced as very relaxing. People receive Reiki treatments for many reasons: to relax and de-stress, to assist in the healing of chronic problems, and to increase physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and health. 


Can you recommend a professional Reiki practitioner?
Due to time constraints I have had to concentrate my Reiki practice on teaching. I am not taking on new clients at this time. However, one of the best aspects of Reiki is that through a 5-hour Reiki I class you can be empowered to heal yourself, friends, family, lovers, pets, and plants -- using your hands -- for the cost of only 1-2 treatment sessions. Reiki is a truly democratic form of healing, available, with practice, to all.

What is Reiki?
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