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C Lynn Carr (Sea) is a certified Reiki Master in the Tibetan/Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki ® traditions. Since the beginning of 1999 - always in small classes of nine or fewer students - she has trained hundreds to use this simple method of healing at the Reiki I, II, III, and Master levels. In her "other life," she's a professor of sociology. Her formal studies (B.A. Antioch 1989; Ph.D. Rutgers 2002) in Eastern and Western philosophies and religions, sociology, women's studies, and social-psychology provide a context and balance to her healing work. 

Sea teaches a "flavor" of Reiki that is flexible, intuitive, and hands-on. Sea's Reiki encourages patience, self-knowledge and openness to intuitive guidance. In her teaching and healing practice, she emphasizes what works and feels right over rules and what looks good.

Sea has studied with four different Reiki Masters. Her Advanced and Master training was primarily in the methods and techniques of the International Center for Reiki Training, and her Karuna Reiki ® Master training was with William Lee Rand. (Sea's Reiki Lineage.) She considers herself a "modern" Reiki Master and Teacher, preferring to teach and perform Reiki as guided by Spirit. 

Sea began working with Reiki energy in 1997, and greatly enjoys empowering people to heal themselves. In 1998-2002 she had an active professional Reiki healing practice, during which time she had the opportunity to touch a great variety of bodies and spirits. She has taught dozens of Reiki classes in Salt Lake City, UT, Louisville, KY, and in many locations in Central and Northern NJ. She has also lectured less formally on Reiki in several venues, including Westminster College, Rutgers University, Promenade Fitness Center, Crystal Dreams and Visions, the South Orange Public Library, and the Caduceus Healing Festival. She is currently offering classes in West Orange, New Jersey, and is always open to new students for training. 

Sea is committed to empowering people to heal themselves. 


Summer 2020

(Stay tuned for additional healing opportunities!)

West Orange Reiki Center


I am in the process of setting up in-person, Reiki I and II classes this summer on my deck, with a small number of students at a time (5 max) in an outdoor setting, and 6 feet of distance between us. Excepting for the Reiki attunements performed by the Reiki Master, there will not be any touch involved - unless someone from your household also attends the same class. We will practice off-the-body techniques, and I will instruct on how to do hands-on Reiki for when it's safe again to use the powerful healing of touch. All will be required to bring face coverings to wear during attunements and bathroom breaks. Temperatures will be checked upon entry. The classes will take place only on non-rainy days, 10am-3pm (BYO face covering, light lunch & drinks, shade hat, & sun screen).


If you are interested, let me know which Fridays and Sundays you are available in July. I'm hoping to select 2 dates for each class - a primary date and a rain date. If all goes well, I'll set up classes for August too.

Healing Blessings, Sea

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No experience needed for Reiki I. Other events require prior training.

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