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Experience Reiki offers opportunities at all levels.

Take the next step in your healing journey!


Reiki I Group Classes

Learn to heal yourself, your friends, your pets, the planet.
Simple & effective. 
Includes 5 hours of training, handouts, attunement, practice treatment and certificate. No experience required.

Reiki I Details


Reiki II Group Classes

Increase and focus your healing power!
Learn Reiki symbols, emotional, and distance healing.
Includes 5 hours of training, handouts, attunement, and certificate.
For those who have received in-person Reiki I training & attunement.

Reiki II Details


Small Reiki I or II Training

2-3 hour class, handouts, attunement, and certificate. Covers all the material of a regular Reiki II class, but in less time, with only one or two students. (One other student may be scheduled at the same time as you.) 

To schedule appointment, email


Individual Reiki III Practitioner Training

Get the benefits of Reiki III without the commitment of Master training. 45-60 minute training session Includes answers to questions about Reiki, the Reiki III attunement and symbols. 
For those who have received in-person Reiki II training & attunement. 

Reiki III Details

To schedule appointment, email


Reiki Master Classes

Let the energy flow like a river.
Learn to teach and attune others! Includes two 7 hour days of training, attunements, 160-page manual, and certificate. Contact Sea with questions and to arrange a phone interview. 
For those who have received in-person Reiki II or Reiki III Practitioner training & attunement. Requires 1 year of practice at the Reiki II level or higher.

Reiki Master Details

Register or email with questions.

Reiki Healing Attunement Workshops

Enhance treatments with a powerful healing technique. Assist clients, family, and friends to empower goals and to release obstacles to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. For review or to learn for the first time. Lots of hands-on practice. 3 hour workshop. For those who have received Reiki Master attunements and training. 



Reiki Refresher Classes

Discounted classes for students who want to re-take a class that they've taken already with Sea. Registration is on a "standby" basis. 

Reiki Refresher Details


Reiki Practice & Share Workshops

Hands-on practice and networking with other healers. Often begins with a special topic. Generally includes intuitive hands-on practice - where everyone takes a turn on the healing table.

Ask questions, receive healing, share your Reiki experiences, practice Reiki techniques, share Universal Life energy with other healers! 
For those who have received in-person Reiki training and attunement at Reiki I, II, III or Master Teacher levels - whether from Sea or another Reiki Master. 
To attend join the meetup group and then RSVP for monthly events.

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