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Sea's Reiki Lineage

Because the ability to do Reiki is passed from master to student, Reiki is a lineage-based system. It is important to honor those who came before us, paving the way for our progress today. Wisdom, Compassion, and Healing are often hard-won. I am grateful for the teaching and heritage I have been gifted in Reiki. 

Lineage is one of the things that I pass on to my students.
For those who are my students, the lineage described below is yours too. Just add me to the mix!

I received my Reiki Master Teacher training from:

Helen Klayman
who was trained by 
Laurelle Shanti Gaia
who was trained by
Karen Patton and William Lee Rand

Karen Patton                            William Lee Rand               William Lee Rand
was trained by:                           was trained by:               was also trained by:

Judy Seeley/Mike Mikesell        Cherie A. Presuhn                 Leah Smith

Barbara Ray                                      Pat Jack                            Carol Farmer

                                                   Phyllis Furumoto                Phyllis Furumoto

who was trained by
Hawayo Takata
who was trained by 
Chujiro Hayashi
who was trained by
Mikao Usui

I received Karuna Reiki ® training from William Lee Rand. I also received Reiki training from Reiki Masters Joan Weiss and Susan Ruth.

In addition, I would like to honor my meditation teacher of many years, Drew Rose, currently of Atlantic City NJ, who taught me many things that have enriched my Reiki practice and teaching, most especially the filtering meditation that helps us to protect ourselves as we heal ourselves and others.


I value and respect all Reiki healers, regardless of lineage, so long as they are working to promote healing -- their own and others'.

William Lee Rand and me, 2011.

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