Reiki III Practitioner &

Reiki Master Class Details

Let the healing energy flow like a river.
Learn to attune others to Reiki. 
Commit to a year-long healing journey, and to healing yourself and others.
Increase your abilities to channel chi.


For students who have Reiki II training and attunement.

I offer two options at the advanced level: Reiki III Practitioner (symbols and attunement only) and full Reiki Master training. 

Reiki III Practitioner training takes about 45-60 minutes, and can be scheduled individually.

  • increased focus on spiritual healing;

  • an increase in healing power available;

  • 2 of the master symbols;

  • the beginning of a year-long process of mind-body-spirit healing.

In addition to the benefits gained from the Reiki III Practitioner, 
full Reiki Master training offers the following benefits:

  • training in how to give Reiki initiatory attunements;

  • training in how to give healing attunements; 

  • resources and discussion for developing a Reiki practice;

  • a third master symbol, used for attunements;

  • the full 160 page Reiki Master manual from the International Center for Reiki Training (you must be a certified Reiki Master or a student in a Reiki Master class to get these);

  • a Reiki Master certificate.

The full Reiki Master training requires two 7-hour days (generally a weekend or two weekend days), and covers the following topics: 

  • Reiki Meditation and the Microcosmic Orbit

  • Reiki Master Symbols 

  • Performing Healing Attunements -- Demos and Practice

  • Ethics and Responsibilities of Reiki Mastership 

  • Beginning and Maintaining a Reiki Practice -- Resources & Attitudes

  • Instruction and practice on passing initiatory Attunements 

Ready for this step? Email Sea for an appointment for individual Reiki III Practitioner training. 

Check out the event page for a list of scheduled Reiki Master Class dates. If there is no Reiki Master Class scheduled, email Sea with your interest and timing for a class. Sea often waits to schedule classes at this level when a small group of healers requests it. She then attempts to schedule a class on a date that works for everyone who is ready and interested.



Summer 2020

(Stay tuned for additional healing opportunities!)

West Orange Reiki Center


Now offering in-person, Reiki I and II trainings by appointment on my outdoor deck, for 1-2 students at a time. "Individual" trainings include 2.5-3 hours training, Reiki attunement, handouts, and certificate. $220. Face coverings required (for attunements and bathroom breaks). Temperatures will be checked on entry. Contact me to arrange your appointment. 

Healing Blessings, Sea

No experience needed for Reiki I. Other events require prior training.

Register in advance for Reiki Practice & Shares via Meetup.

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