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Reiki III Practitioner &

Reiki Master Class Details

Let the healing energy flow like a river.
Learn to attune others to Reiki. 
Commit to a year-long healing journey, and to healing yourself and others.
Increase your abilities to channel chi.


For students who have Reiki II training and attunement.

I offer two options at the advanced level: Reiki III Practitioner (symbols and attunement only) and full Reiki Master training. 

Reiki III Practitioner training takes about 45-60 minutes, and can be scheduled individually.

  • increased focus on spiritual healing;

  • an increase in healing power available;

  • 2 of the master symbols;

  • the beginning of a year-long process of mind-body-spirit healing.

In addition to the benefits gained from the Reiki III Practitioner, 
full Reiki Master training offers the following benefits:


  • training in how to give Reiki initiatory attunements;

  • training in how to give healing attunements; 

  • resources and discussion for developing a Reiki practice;

  • a third master symbol, used for attunements;

  • the full 160 page Reiki Master manual from the International Center for Reiki Training (you must be a certified Reiki Master or a student in a Reiki Master class to get these);

  • a Reiki Master certificate.

The full Reiki Master training requires two 6-7 hour days (generally a weekend or two weekend days), and covers the following topics: 


  • Reiki Meditation and the Microcosmic Orbit

  • Reiki Master Symbols 

  • Performing Healing Attunements - Demos and Practice

  • Ethics and Responsibilities of Reiki Mastership 

  • Beginning and Maintaining a Reiki Practice - Resources & Attitudes

  • Instruction and practice on passing initiatory Attunements 

Ready for this step? Email Sea for an appointment for Reiki III Practitioner training or to get on the waiting list for a Reiki Master Training. Sea generally waits to schedule Reiki Master Training once there are 4 students ready and available to take it. 

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