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Reiki II Training Details

Increase and focus your healing power!
Includes 2.5 hours of training, handouts, attunement, and certificate.

Reiki II trainings are a powerful next step in your Reiki healing journey, for those who have received Reiki I training.


Look, ma, no hands!
Expand your Reiki repertoire with symbols, emotional & distance healing, crystals, and Reiki meditation.

To keep Reiki accessible and affordable, I offer streamlined Reiki training to 1-4 students at a time, offering enough instruction so that the course is useful to my students. I send students home with "homework," recommending that my Reiki students work as often as they can on themselves - daily if possible. And that they attempt to practice on others, either on a private basis or in organized Reiki shares.  Preferring a 3-level system (Reiki I, II, and III), Experience Reiki II training includes what some teach as "Advanced Reiki Training". 

The Reiki II class includes:


  • The Reiki II attunement

  • Handouts with information on using the Reiki II symbols, distance healing, using crystals with Reiki, constructing and charging a Reiki Crystal Grid, and practicing the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, and more

  • Interactive lecture with plenty of room for questions

  • Reiki II certificate of completion

Topics covered in the Reiki II class: 

  • What makes Reiki II different from Reiki I?; 

  • The 3 Reiki II symbols, their meanings and use; 

  • Distance Healing; 

  • Using Crystals with Reiki; 

  • The Reiki Crystal Grid for continuous distance healing; and

  • Microcosmic orbit energetic exercise and cleanse.

Ready for this step? Email Sea for an appointment. 

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