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Reiki I Class Details

Learn to heal yourself, your friends, your pets, the planet.
Classes include 5 hours of training, handouts, attunement, certificate, and a bit of hands-on practice. 
No experience required.

Reiki I classes are the first step in your Reiki healing journey.


Let healing energy flow through your hands– physically, emotionally and spiritually!
Strengthen your flow of chi to boost your meditative practice, your mood, and your vigor.
Learn a simple, effective, natural method of healing and stress release. 

My Reiki I classes are approximately 5 hours long with a maximum of 9 students. I try to offer a balance between keeping Reiki accessible (in terms of time and money involved) and offering enough training/instruction so that the course is useful to my students. I recommend that my Reiki students work as often as they can on themselves -- daily if possible. And that they attempt to practice on others, either on a private basis or in organized Reiki shares. 

The Reiki I class includes:

  • The Reiki I attunement

  • Handouts with information on Reiki principles and basic practices, the chakra system , hand positions, and tips for using the Reiki energy

  • Interactive discussion and lecture with plenty of room for questions

  • Instructions on performing Reiki safely and on protecting oneself and one's clients/recipients 

  • Demonstrations on basic hands-on and off-the-body techniques 

  • A bit of practice time - each student gives & receives Reiki

  • Reiki I certificate of completion

Topics covered in the Experience Reiki I class: 

  • What is Reiki, and what distinguishes it from other forms of energy healing; 

  • Explanation of the Reiki Attunement process; 

  • Reiki and Issues of consent;

  • Overview of the mind-body-spirit connection and the major chakra system; 

  • Guidelines and tips for using Reiki energy for self-healing and healing others; 

  • How to protect oneself energetically while doing Reiki on oneself and others;

  • Reiki techniques: beaming, using intuition, self-healing, healing others individually and in group, on the massage table and on chairs


Check the events page for scheduled class dates.

Register for a class using the online store.

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